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"I've always thought of myself as a writer..... ever since I published my first short story at age 11 ---- I've never changed my mind about being a writer, even though I've haven't had anything published since that time..... I am a writer because I feel like a writer, I think like a writer and now I am out of excuses not to write and get published --- my children are grown, my husband is waiting on the other side of the big pond in the sky for me, so now, I will write and publish some of those many ideas I have been bouncing around with for years.... because I am a writer."

. . . .    Laurie Davis
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 Please feel free to explore my website and send me some comments - especially if you are a writer too!

I have two short stories under my "For Your Reading Pleasure" menu tab - that are free and you are welcomed to read them -- Enjoy!


My goal is not only to share my writing with my website readers but to encourage you to get to your writing, if it indeed calls you -- as it does me!

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I appreciate you visiting my website and I look forward to your comments and feedback!

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